Please donate towards my new wheelchair so I can leave my bed. If you can't help financially please share my campaign with your friends & on social media.


1) If you are putting the effort in & doing a charity event, if you choose to donate the money you raise to me I would be extremely grateful.

2) If there is anything you would like to donate to me, that I can either sell on eBay or my parents can sell at a table top sale I would appreciate it.

Some people my dad has done work for, Kevin Goodall home improvements, have been kind enough to do this, as Tesco says 'Every Little Helps!' :)

3) If you are thinking of holding an event and would like to get me involved, please contact my mum, Lesley Goodall, by the private message at the top of the page. Having organised my raffle she has experience and does a lot for me as I am usually to ill to be directly involved in communication.

I'm having to move into my late Gran's bedroom


Here is a picture of my late Gran, who I greatly miss but know that she would approve of me moving into her old bedroom.

She would however be inpatient with how long it is taking!

4)  17th August 2015


I'm having to move into my late Gran's bedroom, which has a wet-room that I use, as I can't shower or bath normally.  It hasn't been decorated, carpeted or anything since she moved in 25 years ago, and the carpet was second hand then!  It needs so much done to it to make it suitable for me - the heating needs to be changed, as I can't control my own temperature, I need a remote flush on the loo, as I'm so weak now; the walls need to be insulated; I need a remote control sliding door; a wheelchair friendly dressing table and wardrobe; it needs to be re-decorated and re-carpeted.  I'm desperately trying to retain what independence I can, but I'm stuck in my room for 98% of the time, and would be much happier if I had nicer surroundings.  The room will have more room for my big wheelchair to turn around in, and I'll have room on both sides of the hospital bed, not just one where I keep spilling my drinks (non-alcoholic) on my bed, floor and wheelchair!  We need money donations, materials and even people willing to offer free labor to help me realize this dream.  If you, or anyone you know, could help, please message me here!


P.S If you are approached by a kind gentleman named Stuart Turner asking for donations on my behalf, he is trustworthy. He has offered to fund raise for me, which I especially appreciate as I know he has a busy life already, and has taken it upson himself to personally go around asking people in the Brampton area.