I have finally got my new wheelchair!

As you can see from this photo my new wheelchair has already enabled me to leave my house & get outside in the fresh air & nature. Not being a prisoner in my bed is so... freeing! :)

Next step is finding a suitable car I can actually fit in & travel in with minimal pain. I will be using the Motability scheme where I can use all of my mobility part of my PIP towards renting a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. Unfortunately the larger the vehicle you need the more expensive the monthly payments & the higher the upfront payment.


I will update this when I have ridden in a few cars & have solid numbers of how much I am going to have to pay straight away...


I never imagined I would raise the total I needed so soon, a local charity The League of Friends of Brampton Community Hospital have kindly agreed to donate the rest of the money I need to be able to buy my new wheelchair!!!

It has been over a year since my family & I started concentrating on raising funds for my wheelchair but I thought I would have to wait many years more, I am still in shock I will be getting my wheelchair so soon but I am incredibly exited! :D

Without the help of other people I would still be trapped in my bed.

Thank you to everyone who has donated, raised funds, shared & taken an interest in my journey to gaining my much needed wheelchair.

It is such a boost to know that 2017 is going to be the year I can independently leave my house. :)

The wheelchair supplier Cumbria Mobility & I are getting everything finalized & then my order is going through. Once I have the new wheelchair my quality life in my house & garden will greatly increase, then I will be able to test out Motability vehicles & order one. Soon I will be able to go on trips into my local town of Brampton & my local city Carlisle. 

I will update here & my Facebook page with photos of me in my new wheelchair once I receive it... I am iextreamly exited!


For now here is a slideshow of me in my sitting room trying out some different wheelchairs: