This is a space to recognize past events & hard work that went into supporting me & my family that helped raised awareness & funds.

I need to change bedrooms due to deteriorating health

Work on my new bedroom has started! It is still not ready for me to move into yet, there is a delay due to the bathroom being too small as I have to lie down to shower to prevent me passing out... I will add info as soon as we get further along :)

I'm having to move into my late Gran's old room, which has disabled bathroom. 

I need help with getting materials and work done to make it suitable for me. Having a larger room & an en-suit wet-room will make day to day living that bit easier.

I've already had help from a couple of people, and the promise of the room being skimmed (see Mum's updates).

Andersons in Denton Holme, Carlisle, have kindly offered to donate skirting, architrave, and some wood and MDF towards my new disabled-friendly wardrobe.  I'm really grateful, thank you! My Mum is regularly updating my Facebook page, as there is so much on here already, so I'm keeping these posts as short as I can.


11th July 2016


We went to Ikea and bought wardrobe carcasses and internal fittings out of the Fund on Friday, as no local firm would donate them or provide them at cost. No doors yet, though! They are very heavy, Kevin had to get help to load them into the van, then Emily very kindly helped him carry them into Sammy's new room. They're waiting for when Kev has time to start assembling them now. :) Thank you to everyone who has donated in the past and made this possible.


On a fundraising note, no company will donate materials for the wardrobes needed for Sammy's new room. It's been a bit dispiriting, some wouldn't even be polite enough to reply. :( We're about to completely empty the Fund to buy from Ikea.  Just to explain why I need to buy the wardrobes, this is a copy of a reply I put on Facebook, when two lovely friends were suggesting other routes like second hand:-


Thanks guys, if I was not ill I would totally buy second hand stuff... and probably paint it neon bright colours  but with the lack of space in my new room (mostly needed for wheelchair and over-bed table maneuvering) coupled with my physical needs, like mum said, new & customization is the only option & after a lot of research Ikea is the cheapest but best quality (Argos etc have let me down before.)
The good & the bad of Kev-dad having a lot of work is good- more money but bad-very busy so less time to help at home, including making/adapting furniture for me. I am not complaining though, I would much rather he had more work, just explaining how little ‘free’ time he has.
I have found with older furniture that the draws etc can be very stiff & as I am so weak I need draws etc to be easily slid. In my current room, with an Ikea wardrobe, I need help getting most things but I can get my own underwear & PJ’s out so want to be able to do the same in my new room. Obviously as I cannot visit the second hand furniture stores I could not test the furniture out (or see what it looks like properly, most of those types of shops do not even have photos online that you can see).
The good think about the Pax system at Ikea is that it is very adaptable, Kev-dad & I have planned out & measured what would be the best height for my draws & lower rail, something nearly all second hand furniture cannot be done, especially as a lot of horizontal parts are often there to maintain the structural integrity of the pieces.
I have found from trying to adapt the cheaper items that once you take them apart they cannot simply be screwed into another place, they often require a lot of glue & then are still & never the same again. A small wardrobe I found for Em on eBay about 5 years ago now is a perfect example, I know I don’t have much money & can’t choose to be too picky but if I had to stare at that wonky frame & one door that doesn’t close 24/7 it would annoy me; I don’t think asking for a rectangular wardrobe rather than a parallelogram it too much!
So don’t think I haven’t thought the exact same thing, or are dismissing your suggestions, I do appreciate them, it is just not a viable option for me for right now. My bathroom is going to be started soon so I feel like moving in is getting achievabley close, so I am exited  But also realizing that I may as well just bite the bullet & buy a wardrobe, as is has become clear no company is willing to help. It will be worth spending the money when I can reach some clothes & fit most of my possessions in it; the reason we didn’t decide sooner is because (we were hoping a company would help &) it is a large chunk of my savings but I think it will be worth it. I am sure mum will upload pictures when the work starts:)
Sorry that was a bit long, I just wanted to explain properly. I am now going to make the most of this better health day (hence my ability to write coherently, the pyro med has deffo helped with cognitive function on good days) & mum is going to help me have a shower:)


And the lovely replies


Good luck Sammy Armstrong hope you can get what you'd need to make your life easier...we have no idea what's its like living in your Shoes xxx

I,ve now read Sammys' edited post and see exactly where she,s coming from. As Agnes says, we don,t live with this daily so we don,t quite see sometimes the complexities. Forgive me please! I nerd to get on thinking cap and see what can be done to put back at least some of the savings.spent on this latest project. Love to all, Stu xxxxx


12th June Oh my goodness!  We've had a quote for the wardrobes in Sammy's new room for over six times what we have in the fund at the moment - donations are not coming in, and we feel a bit stuck about the room.


The council have given us a grant to make the en-suite bathroom in my new room into a wet room where my new shower bed will be - I'm too ill to sit up to shower nowadays.  Pictures will follow when it's finished.


28th March We still need window blinds, and donations for the fitted wardrobes and shelving, lighting, and all kinds of bits and bobs for the new room - if anyone can help,. or fundraise for us to actually get this project finished, we'd be very grateful.


Carpet in my new room fitted, it look fantastic!  Thank you to Geltsdale carpets and the carpet fitters, whose names we forgot to get.  Pictures on my Facebook page.


Carpet fitting booked for 10th March, many thanks to for their help.


The room is wallpapered and partly painted, and now we have been offered the carpet from another carpet shop - it's about £200 more expensive, but at least I can get the same one, which will match the already painted skirting! :)


Dulux Decorator Centre in Carlisle are kindly donating paint for my new room, and Simon has given Mum advice and help about choosing colours and preparing the room.   Thank you so much! 


15th December Found out yesterday that the lovely carpet I was getting for my new room has been lost in the Carlisle floods




1st December - Have just found out that a local decorator is very kindly donating free labour to put up the wallpaper for me!  Thank you so much to




17th November - got it confirmed today that Crown are very kindly donating the wallpapers for my room - a big Thank You! to them.  It will be clouds and stars - now to find a kind decorator to do the wallpapering for us.... :)


10th Nov - my room got plastered thanks to Marc, Johnny & Andy, brilliant job, thank you!


2nd November The new room got insulated plasterboard on all the external walls and ceiling over the weekend, thanks to the suppliers and my Dad Kevin, brother James and his friend Ray. 


27th Oct Travis Perkins are donating 2 radiators with thermo valves, and pipe insulation, thank you!


Jewson's are donating battens and fixings towards putting up the plasterboard, much appreciated.


Neil McBreaty is fitting a reduced rate carpet and underlay free, thank you!



20th Oct  CCF in Carlisle have donated the plasterboards for my room - thank you!

Sammy's Health Fund Prayer Chain: 


Someone who didn't even know that there was a prayer chain for Sammy has been kindly praying for her - thank you so much! 



















Sending a massive "Thank you!" to all who joined in the prayer chain last weekend, it was wonderful that so many prayed for Sammy, and we appreciate every prayer. A special "thank you" to Bar & Mark, who have a page on their website about Sammy, here's a link if you'd like to see it How absolutely wonderful is that?




Kevin, Lesley & Emily, family of Sammy, all attended a lovely service at Garrigill on Sunday, which is one of the churches in Alston Moore Benefice, which has been wonderful in supporting us, praying for us, and trying to help. We me

Sending a massive "Thank you!" to all who joined in the prayer chain last weekend, it was wonderful that so many prayed for Sammy, and we appreciate every prayer. A special "thank you" to Bar & Mark, who have a page on their website about Sammy, here's a link if you'd like to see it How absolutely wonderful is that?


Here are two pictures that appear on The Cumberland News website, taken for the article about the Prayer Chain. I know she wouldn't want publicity, but the lady Vicar in the pic with Sammy has been an absolute star with support. Thank you very much, too, to her husband.

Sammy's Health Fund's photo.
Sammy's Health Fund's photo.






26th July 2016


HETHERSGILL CHURCH - if you were at the service on Sunday, please note that the young lady who accompanied Kevin and me to church was Sammy's younger sister Emily. It would appear that some people thought she was Sammy, despite the fact that Sammy is extremely ill, can't leave the house except by ambulance and has to remain in her hospital bed at home for 23.5 hours a day. It would make my efforts seem absolutely ridiculous and a lie if the healthy-looking lady was the one we're fighting for

Here's a link to the article which appeared in The Cumberland News on Friday, it includes a bigger picture, and one which wasn't in the paper.


If it doesn't work go to the Cumberland News website and search for Sammy Armstrong


24th July 2016


Holy Trinity Church at Wetheral joined in the prayer chain this morning, using the lovely prayer posted her and on Sammy's FB page - many thanks to all concerned.


St Marys' Church in Middleton in Teesdale joined in the prayer chain, they used that lovely prayer that I posted here and on Sam's website, thank you to Anna and all concerned.

A quick update before I go to church, Elim community Church in Carlisle has joined the prayer chain - thank you


23rd July 2016


Kevin & Lesley attending Mass at St Augustine's, Carlisle, this morning, where we also prayed for Sammy.  Thank you to Helen for organising it, and to all concerned. So much appreciated.


22nd July 2016


The Vicar at Lorton, Loweswater and Buttermere has agreed to join in the prayer chain, many thanks. Your support is much appreciated. St Cuthbert's looks beautiful - we'll have to attend a service there one day, it looks about the same size as our local church, too


The article about Sammy's prayer chain in The Cumberland News is on page 15 - small but beautiful pic, taken on Sammy's hospital bed at home (she wasn't able to get out into the daylight, too poorly that day). Thank you very much to all concerned.


Another place of worship is joining in the prayer chain, Lanercost Priory - thank you to all concerned.

21st July 2016


An article about Sammy and the Prayer Cain will appear in The Cumberland News tomorrow (Friday 22nd July), for anyone who might like a look! Thank you to them for their support, to Stuart for coming out to take photos again, and Pam for the article. Much appreciated.

I'm pleased to say that I have updates on the prayer chain - a prayer group is joining in, via a school friend, thank you, Helen, and all other members in the group! It's Holy Trinity (Heaton house group)

Anne Widdecombe has kindly agreed to pray for Sammy, too, while she is in, I think, Ethiopia - thank you very much indeed.

The Cathedral of St Andrews in Honolulu, Hawaii, have also joined in - thank you to Ramona and everyone else involved there.



20th July 2016


St Michael's Stanwix, and St Mark's Belah, have joined in the prayer chain, and are already praying. Thank you to everyone!


A Vicar explained why we are praying in this way, I think it's brilliant - we are simply aligning ourselves to God's already existing love
and care for Sammy, offering our prayers and energies for God to use as
S/He knows best.
indeed, opening ourselves up to what God might be telling us to do!

prayer is not so much crowd-funding, as open source giving for God and
His/Her people to use as they will.


A prayer that one of the Vicars supporting us is going to use - thank you so much!



Dear God,

We thank you for Sammy and others like her, who manage to share their gifts and love, despite fighting such huge battles with illness.

We thank you for all around the world who are praying with Sammy now. We offer our prayers that you may use them in your care for her. May she may be given strength and peace, respite from the symptoms, and encouragement from knowing so many people are alongside her today.

Bless her family who strive alongside her, that they too may know your power in their lives.

We ask that you be in her encounters with all the medical professionals, that they may treat her with compassion, as a whole human being. Lead her to those with the insight and confidence to work with her complex set of problems.

Please direct Sammy and her friends in their use of whatever resources they are given, whether personal or professional, spiritual or financial, that all may work together for good under Your guidance.

May Sammy’s story be a help to others in their struggles, and her case lead to better understanding of the illness she hopes to one day overcome.

We ask this in the name of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

See more



19th July

There is a Mass being said for Sammy at St Augustine's Catholic Church in Carlisle (opposite Morrison's!) this Saturday, 23rd July, at 10am. Thank you to all concerned. Kevin and I (God willing) will be attending.


This weekend is the Prayer chain weekend, if anyone wants to join in, please do! Kevin and I, and hopefully Sammy's sister Emily, will be at church at St. Mary's, Hethersgill for the joint benefice service at 10am on Sunday, 24th July. Sammy will be mentioned in the intercessions, but I must stress that the service has not been arranged specifically for Sammy, it just happened to be the date I chose when I first got the idea. As usual, we will be praying for everyone who is ill in any way during the usual course of the service


18th July


Thank you very much to St Luke's & St Paul's churches in Chester, who have joined in the prayer chain - thank you to everyone. It was arranged via my cousin, he says that "a wave of prayer" will make it's way towards Sammy, lovely thought!

  • St. Luke's Church - Huntington Chester

14th July


Could any church/place of worship/person that agreed to join in the prayer chain, but haven't yet emailed me back to say if it's alright to publish their name, please get back to me asap? The Big Pray is not this weekend but next, and we really want to know who is joining in, as do the churches/people we've already mentioned. Thank you

13th July


Churches Together at Haydon Bridge are going to join in praying for Sammy, thank you very much to all concerned. Special thanks to a lady I've known for too many years to count for organising it for us!



11th July 2016


Liverpool Cathedral are praying for Sammy Thank you to all there!


6th July


More details on who is praying, St Georges Church, Barcelona, Spain.


5th July 2016


Hexham Abbey are now praying for Sammy, us and the medics


4th July


Thank you very much to Carlisle Cathedral, who are joining in the prayers for Sammy and the medics, they took our request exactly on board, and seemed to understand, so it's MUCH appreciated!


1st July 2016  People are helping and praying, these are posts from Sammy's Facebook page -


Thank you to everyone at St. Peter's Church, Maidenhead, for their prayers, it's wonderful of you to join in and much appreciated.


Thank you very much to all at S Gabriel's Church, who are joining in the prayer chain for Sammy and the medics, so much appreciated!


Thank you to a lovely local couple who live at Wetheral, who are praying for us


Thank you very much to St Martin's Church, Brampton, Cumbria, who have agreed to join in the prayer chain - great news!


A relative in Australia, who doesn't follow a faith, is sending positive healing thoughts to Sammy, and asking that the universe sends compassion to the doctors. Thank you!


The New Life Christian Centre in Scotland are praying for Sammy, her family, and those pesky doctors! Thank you so much for your support!


Someone high up in the Catholic Church is now praying for Sammy - thank you! This adds to the fact that someone on a similar level in the Church of England is praying for Sammy and the family.


Two cathedrals (anonymous) are now including Sammy in their prayers, many thanks!


Two Buddhist temples are now praying for Sammy, thank you!


Another couple of local churches ( who wish to remain anonymous), have joined in the prayer chain - thank you!


Another prayer group connected to a Church elsewhere in the country are praying for Sammy - they prefer to remain anonymous. Thank you for your prayers!


Another Church in the South of the country has said they will join in the prayer chain - thank you! They prefer to remain anonymous.


Thank you very much to family friend Agnes, who is kindly distributing some posters and fliers to take some of the weight off me - much appreciated!


22nd June 2016


A retired Vicar in Hastings is now praying for Sammy - thank you so much! If anyone would be kind enough to approach their local church/temple/place of worship, even if they don't attend, I can provide a poster/literature for them. Anyone who doesn't follow a set religion, but is kind and ethical and wants to send positive thoughts Sammy and her consultant's way, please join in, and let us know about it! I'm spending hours and hours on approaching people and could really do with some help. 


21st June 2016 

As you can see by the lovely post to our page, another parish has joined in our prayers. Thank you very much!

  • Parish of Alston Moor



19th June  

At our Church today - St Mary's in Hethersgill, we prayed for Sammy (and us as her family).



St Marys' in Ponteland, which is where I worshipped and got confirmed when I lived in the North-East, has joined in the prayers for Sammy - thank you so much! They prayed this morning, and I'm hoping they'll pray on the prayer chain days, too.


14th June 2016  My Mum is setting up a prayer chain for 23rd/24th July this year (2016).  She has asked on my Facebook page for people of any faith to pray for an improvement in my condition, and enlightenment for medical staff in charge of my care, both now and in the future.  If you don't follow a particular faith, then sending positive thoughts would be appreciated, too!


14th June So far, we have a Mass being said for me at St Augustine, Carlisle, which a Catholic friend sorted out for us - thank you, Helen!


14th June St James Church in Wetherby (where my late Grandma, to whom I was very close,  was brought up) are praying from now until the weekend in question - thank you to the Vicar, Rev Giblin, and everyone else there.

Table Top Sale:

Thank you very much to all who kindly supported us at the table top sale, thank you especially to all the stallholders.  Sadly, the turnout was very poor indeed so not as mcuh money was raised as we had hoped.


Full details will be posted here about our fundraising activites later in the week.  Mum still delivering raffle prizes atm.


We held a Table Top Sale at Brampton Community Centre on Sunday, 12th October, 11 am - 2 pm.  The raffle will be drawn there at 2 pm.


Face painting now available at the Sale!


The stalls are £7 each, stallholders welcome at 10 am.  Please contact my Mum, Lesley Goodall, on 01228 675578 (before 8 pm, not Saturday mornings, please) to book a table.


Tea and coffee available.




Still had few tables left, but they went quickly!  Book now to avoid disappointment.




Still had stalls available, trade stalls more than welcome



Raffle Prize Winners for draw on 12th October


1.  Dinner, bed & breakfast at Ravenstone Lodge -

R Glendinning


2. Family Pass to North Lakes Spa -

C Barnett


3. 4 Tickets to Peter Pan Panto -

T Borgia


4. Day's free labour from Kevin Goodall, Home Improvements for Busy People

J. Patrick


5. Sunday lunch for 2 at Fantails

M. Mavin


6. Afternoon Tea at Warwick Hall

L Spooner


7. Afternoon Tea at Skitby House

K McGee


8. Signature hair voucher

S Betts


9. Pre-loved x-box, games & controllers

J Miller


10. Months membership to Curves gym

T Conelly


11. Voucher for Liquid Hair

Mr Proudfoot


12. Boyd's Hair Voucher

M Anjietti


13. Bosche power screwdriver

P Clark


14. Winger Heart mirror & paaperweight

R Eccles


15. Famous Grouse Whiskey 1l

R Grahma


16. Off the Wall Cafe voucher

A Smith


17. Organic family roast from Hallsford

H Edmondson


18. Daisy Chain voucher

A Howarth


19. Whittards mug & tea set

C McCubbin


20. Set of 4 Wishstrings

L Potter


21. gift Set of 2 jars Hardhurst Honey

R Calderbank


22. Hanging basket from Oakbank Nurseries

M McCall


23. Salt Scrub from Brampton Theraputic Centre

K Sisson


24. Scarf from Jiggery Pokery

F Edmundson


25. Box of Thorntons Chocolate

J Forster


26. Teddy Bear

R Graham


27. £5 Cranstons Voucher

H McCluskey


28. £5 M&S Voucher

E Fitton


29. Best of British Board Game

N Clark


30. 2 Bags of Thorntons Smiles

E Holley


31. Bookends Voucher

K Johnson




We sold 573 raffle tickets, thank you very much to all who bought them, and to the people who kindly worked very hard to sell them - especially Agnes Harding and Roy Calderbank.


The breakdown of what the raffle and table top sale raised is as follows:-




Licence to hold raffle                                        40.00

Printing of raffle tickets                                     46.02

Postage for stationary donated                           12.99

Hire of hall                                                       88.00

Collection pots                                                 36.00

Cardboard boxes                                               16.80


Total Expenses                                               £239.81





Raffle ticket sales                                            573.00

Donations                                                       121.39

Stall money                                                      91.00

Our table top income                                          20.50


Total Income                                                  £805.89


Total profit made                                                   £566.08




We are holding a raffle to raise more funds, it will be drawn on Sunday,12th  October, at a Table Top Sale in Brampton Community Centre, at 2pm.  If there are any left, there will be tickets available on the day


Inprint kindly sent the posters, fliers & collection pot labels that they donated, so there are posters in Brampton, Tesco & Sainbury's now - helping spread the word!  Please do your bit and tell as many people as possible about this raffle, and this cause, thank you.


You can get the tickets at Skitby House, Daisy Chain, Routledges (Brampton) and The Watch Hospital in The Lanes, Carlisle, Walby Farm Park and Shankhill School (where Sammy went to Primary school), also Walton Tea Rooms & Curves Gym, Carlisle.


So far, we have prizes/promises of prizes from the following very kind people - a MASSIVE thank you to all contributors!!!


  • Voucher for Afternoon Tea for two at Skitby House
  • Voucher for a cut & blow dry at Signature Hair, Brampton
  • Lovely Salt scrub from Brampton Theraputic Centre
  • Gift set of tea & a mug from Chris & colleagues at Whittards, Gretna Village
  • Voucher for £10, Off the Wall Cafe, Brampton
  • 2nd hand, working order x-box, controllers and games from Will Hurst
  • Wonderful set of four Wish Strings  from Wish Strings, Brampton
  • Jars of local honey from Agnes Harding
  • Voucher for a day's free labour from Kevin Goodall - Home Improvements for Busy People
  • Lovely soft toy Teddy from a friend
  • Afternoon Tea for two people from Warwick Hall Hotel
  • Winged Heart, Brampton, lovely paperweight & gorgeous MacIntosh-style fancy mirror
  • Voucher for a frozen family roast from Hallsford Organic Farm
  • Multitool from B&Q, Carlisle
  • £10 voucher from Daisy Chain, Brampton
  • 2 bags of Chocolate smiles from Thorntons
  • Sunday lunch for two at Fantails, Wetheral
  • Planted out tub of flowers from Oakbank Nurseries, Brampton
  • a family day pass to the spa at North Lakes Hotel
  • 3 course dinner, bed & breakfast for 2 at Ravenstone Lodge
  • Beautiful scarf from Jiggery Pokery, Carlisle
  • Voucher for Cut & finish at Liquid Hair, Brampton
  • Voucher for cut & blow dry at Boyd Hair, Carlisle
  • A month's memebership of Curves Gym, Carlisle
  • £5 Cranstons Voucher
  • £5 M&S Voucher
  • Nice big box of Thorntons choccies
  • A litre bottle of Famous Grouse Whiskey
  • A Family ticket to the Panto Peter Pan at the The Sands this year!
  • "Best of British" board game